Living with Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The safety of Age UK Business Directory users and members remains vitally important to us. Whilst the UK Government have removed remaining domestic restrictions in England, they have suggested actions we can all take to help reduce the risk of spreading and catching COVID-19, especially to those most vulnerable. 

Working Safely with Covid-19

  1. Consider getting vaccinated – Vaccines are the best way to protect yourself against COVID-19 and similar infections such as flu. Ensure you receive a full course of the vaccine, including any boosters, to ensure maximum protection and reduce the risk of hospitalisation. Learn more about the vaccinations and when you should have them on the NHS website. 
  2. Let fresh air in - Ask customers if you can open a door or window, even for a few minutes at a time, to help remove old stale air that could contain COVID-19. Ventilation is crucially important should someone in the household unknowingly have COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses. Read more about the importance of ventilation.
  3. Good Hygiene Basics
    1. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze and cough. Immediately dispose of any tissues and sanitise.
    2. Wash your hands for 20-seconds with soap and water, or hand sanitiser when not available.
    3. Regularly clean your surroundings and surfaces, paying close attention to those that are frequently touched. Examples include handles, light switches and work surfaces.
  4. Consider Wearing a Face Covering – wearing a face mask can drastically reduce the number of infectious particles released into the air. They can also protect the person wearing the face-covering from becoming infected by airborne viruses. Members should be respectful to a customers' requests when asked to wear face coverings in their homes. Even when not asked, you should wear a face-covering when:
    1. You will be in close contact with somebody at higher risk of becoming seriously unwell.
    2. When infection rates in a specific area are high and you will be in close contact with people outside of your household, such as crowded and enclosed spaces.

The most effective face coverings are the ones that are made with multiple layers (preferably 3) and form a tight fit around the nose and mouth. 


Additional Steps

  • Explain safety measures – Discuss the steps you will take to protect yourself and your customer before entering their home. Consider asking them to keep a safe social distance to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus. 
  • Avoid narrow and crowded areas – Identify busy locations in the house, such as hallways or doorways, to minimise time spent passing through them. 
  • Limit contact with customers – Bring your own food and drink and avoid sharing items such as pens or tools. Take regular breaks outside where possible.
  • Identify High-Risk Customers – Take extra measures to avoid contact and consider wearing additional PPE. 
  • Communicate and Train - Ensure all staff and customers receive the latest updates on which safety measures are in use.


All the latest Government Coronavirus advice can be found at

Find the latest guidance for reducing the spread of respiratory infections in the workplace:

Read the latest guidance on living safely with Coronavirus


Keeping people safe during works on their home is of paramount importance to the Age UK Business Directory team. Should you wish to give us any feedback about your experience of our members, please call us on our Freephone number, email us or use the Leave a Review section of this website.